Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Alex Coleman and I have one goal: Help you learn to successfully build and launch your very own web app.

When I started teaching myself to code back in 2008, the world of web development was like the Wild Wild West. And I was starting off at ground zero.

You see, I offered to help a friend of one of my professors build the web app for his new startup. There was only one problem… I knew nothing about web development.

And at the time, finding resources to help learn different things was often nearly impossible. I mean, there were some resources available, but they weren’t organized into nice, concise courses.

Alex Coleman, From Idea To Launch creatorBut I scrapped, fought, and clawed my way through, dedicating nearly every waking minute for the next two years to learning how to build things on the web.

And boy am I glad I did.

I came out on the other side much better for wear, and now I want to use everything I learned throughout my own journey to help you do the same: harness the superpower of being able to build and launch your own web apps.

So why should you listen to me?

While things are much more refined today, it’s still not all that much easier to learn things on your own. In fact, I’d argue that it’s even more difficult with the myriad different technologies that you “could” or “should” learn, which change daily.

And, one day, all of this culminated in the following realization I had:

It’s hard to find a path that allows you to gradually learn fundamentals skills while making tangible progress – and building real things.

And that’s exactly why I created Self-Taught Coders: to provide you with that proven path (which I’ve learned and refined based on personal experience over years) to take yourself from aspiring coder to successful web developer – while learning to build and launch your own web applications.

On this site, I aim to deliver all of the learning resources to you that I wish I had when I was coming up.