A List of Good Web App Project Ideas From Current Course Members

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Below, I’ve compiled a list of just a few of the fantastic ideas that current From Idea To Launch members have come up with and are currently working on building.

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Personal Network Shopping Recommendations

“Well, I’m kind of a compulsive buyer, and most of the time I buy things I don’t really need. I thought that would be cool to have a system where the user upload a picture and a quick description of a product, with the reason that pushes him to buy it. And then, other users (or Facebook/Twitter friends, idk) could vote to say whether or not it’s a smart purchase.”

— Benjamin B.

Baam Classroom Learning Game

“There’s a certain Baam powerpoint game that I play in class sometimes to review a topic with my students. It’s tons of fun for everyone, myself included, but it can be a right pain in the ass to put one together. I want make it so they are really easy to make but also that users could browse games other teachers have made. In this way, the web app could be opened in class without any prep work at all and a game could be jumped straight into.”

— Ronan C.

And he’s already even built an incredible, beta prototype: Baam Game Beta!

Recipe Idea Discovery & Shopping List Generator

“Something to keep track of what you have in your kitchen. I’d like it not only to be able to generate shopping lists based off of what I am out of, I’d also like to be able to find recipe ideas based off what I DO have currently. I’ve looked around and there are a couple mobile apps that do this but they have pretty poor reviews. Allrecipes.com has a feature similar to that where you can select a few ingredients, but I’d like to be able to find things I can make right now that I already have all the ingredients for.”

— Jacob S.

Sandwich Recipe Generator

“I’ve been thinking about doing a simple recipe search app too — enter a few ingredients you have in the fridge, it spits out some sandwich recipes that include those ingredients. Trying to keep the idea simple enough that I can actually figure out how to build it, but fun enough that I stay interested in the idea.”

— Erin M.

Healthy, Natural Product Alternative Finder

I’m going to throw my idea out there – It’s a web app that gives you healthy/ natural alternatives to products you use everyday. For example, you tell us that you use Crest toothpaste and we give you a list of healthy / natural toothpaste alternatives. Same for deodorant, hair products, household cleaners, etc.
Kind of like ‘If you use this, you’ll love this (and it’s better for you too).'”

— Chase C.