A List of Good Web Application Ideas

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Sometimes you just can’t seem to come up with any ideas you like. We’ve all been there.

So I put together this list of ideas that you can choose from. These are all ideas that I’ve come up with that I know you’ll be able to use to successfully build a web application throughout this course.

And feel free to use any of these ideas as a jumping off point! Sometimes you just need to see a few examples before something great pops into your head.

You could build a web app…

  • to track and browse through the movies you watch, giving them rankings and documenting your thoughts on each
  • to track all the different craft beers you’ve had, from various different breweries, giving them ratings and including your notes about each
  • to track the books you read (very much like #1)
  • to help plan a night out with friends, crowdsourcing the date/time and choice of bar/restaurant
  • to log your expenses and create budgets for different spending categories (entertainment, food, etc.)
  • to store the current food/ingredients you have and help you build a grocery list, or come up with good recipes
  • to help you remember to order/buy household items that you need to periodically purchase, like coffee, tea, or detergents

Coming up with your own web app idea

It can be even more fun to build something based on one of your own ideas. So, if you haven’t yet, check out the Coming Up With Your Web Application Ideas exercise to generate some great ideas of your own.